Monday, November 19, 2012

Dad's Fudge

Hi, Welcome to the "America Family Cook Book" this is a place to gather the America family recipes so that they don't get lost to future generations.  I (Chriss America Real) am starting with the Green Cookbook that belonged to my dad (he taught me how to cook from it) .  The recipes you see below were written by my mom & dad and slipped into the pages of the Green Cookbook. If you are having trouble viewing the recipe, just double click on it and it will get bigger. As you can see, they had to do some math to figure out how to make enough food  for 16 people.  I have really enjoyed making this blog, I have laughed and shed some tears along the way.  I hope that it will grow over the years and that you will join me and send me your recipes too!

There will never be another fudge as good as dad's no other will ever compare.

Here is the Green Cookbook Version with a little more direction and dad's notes.

Remember how he used to put the pan of hot fudge outside to cool?  

Marble Cake & Grocery List

Here is the Marble Cake Recipe a family favorite.

On the back of the recipe was a grocery list.

Looks like we were having baloney & cheese sandwiches for lunch that week.   I looked in the Green cookbook, could not find a recipe for Marble Cake, I will continue to look through his recipe's see if I can find it somewhere else.

Gingerbread Cake

This recipe has special meaning to me because I used to make it for my mother-in-law.  She loved this gingerbread!  I think I will go make some now.  Yum!

Here is the Green Cookbook Version of the Gingerbread.  Note that dad took out the cinnamon and he used sour cream instead of sour milk.

This is a delicious recipe and not that hard to make, I highly recommend!

Nut Roll

Hang on to your hats...this is a complicated one!  Wow!  What a lot of work and love went into this recipe.  If anyone makes this, I would love to try it.  P.S. You can click on the recipe to make it larger.

Pound Cake

White Sauce

Steak Marinade

Papa Joe's Crab Cakes